Tips To Keep Bed Bugs out of Your Home

Bed bugs are major hitchhikers for homeowners. Whether they are tucked in your clothes, coming in via a small crack, or traveling through the fur of your pet, they will do everything they can to turn your house into their lavish resort. If you have ever experienced a bud bugs infestation, you may know that handling them isn’t simple. Once they find a place in your house, they are not simple to throw out. Luckily, we have come up with some great tips to prevent bed bugs from entering your abode:

Learn to Classify Bed Bugs
If you’re planning to treat the pesky bed bugs yourself, then you need to ensure that what you saw is a beg bug. Bed bugs tend to be small, but can be seen with naked eyes.

Know the Infestation Signs
Although you need to know how bed bugs look, you more likely will also notice the trail that they leave behind or notice their bites. If you or any of your family members are experiencing itchy, red bumps over their body, then it is bed bugs. Sometimes, you may also find small spots on the beds, which are fecal matter or blood that bed bugs leave behind.

Clean the Clutter
Cluttered houses offer more hiding places for the bed bugs and make finding and treating these bugs more difficult. If you find bed bugs in your mattress, then use special covers on them to make it harder for them to reach you. Leave the covers on them for the whole year. Ensure to purchase products that have been tested fully for bed bugs. You should also make sure that they are solid enough to last long for the entire year without tearing.

Vacuum the Floors
Bed bugs don’t just live around or in the beds. They often hide in the carpets. Thus, it is vital to vacuum the carpets thoroughly to make sure that all of them get eliminated. Vacuum all box springs, mattresses, and floors to eliminate an infestation before it becomes out of control. After vacuuming the floors, you should also remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it in an exterior garbage can. It will avoid the bugs from evading and coming back into your house.

Seal Crevices and Cracks
Bed bugs can easily come in through cracks and crevices. So, ensure to investigate the whole home and caulk all the areas that look like welcoming signs to them.

Cover the Power Outlets
These small bed bugs can use power outlets for evading extermination. To do so, they may climb in the outlet holes to hide until they find it safe to go elsewhere. If a severe infestation is there, bed bugs can also travel through the walls through electric outlets, spreading their infestation to different areas of your business or house.

Check Pets
Bed bugs love to snuggle up with your pets like you. So, the bed of your pet is no different for them. Therefore, you should ensure to inspect the bed of your pet regularly and ensure to wash it carefully on the highest setting always.

Store Clothes in a Vacuum Sealed Bag
Especially when traveling, you should store clothes in a vacuum-sealed bag because bed bugs usually transfer from hotels. Buy good-quality vacuum-sealed bags to store your clothes in them while traveling. This will help make your possessions less accessible to any pest and will avoid bugs from entering your house with you.

Kill Bugs with Heat
Increasing your Indoor temperature using space heaters or thermostats will not do the job. Very high temperatures and special equipment are required for successful treatments. Black-colored plastic bags may work to kill these pesky pests in small items or luggage, only if the content inside them becomes hot enough. To kill bugs with heat, the container or room should be hotter to make sure that sustained heat reaches the bed bugs regardless of where they hide.

Get Professional Treatment
If it is late and you have noticed the signs of a beg bug infestation at your business or in your house, don’t try to fight the bed bugs alone as treating them isn’t simple. While the web will make you freeze your belongings as well as fog your house with dubious products that are unsafe, the simplest and most efficient way to eliminate these bed bugs is by contacting a good bed bugs control Melbourne company. Keep in mind that if you notice one bug, then there will be more. So, never take the risk and contact a pest control Melbourne expert immediately.

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