How to Fix the pii email 356435afca3bf570afae Error

Does your MS Outlook app keep flashing the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error If yes, then this guide is for you? In this article, we are going to share a detailed insight into the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error and also share the most effective solutions to fix it.

What is [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] and Why It Occurs
Now, to fix the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error permanently, it would be better to understand what does it mean and what factors trigger it in the first place. Basically, the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error is one of the thousands of PII bugs that many users encounter while using their Outlook account. Even though it's not one of the critical errors, the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error will restrict you from using Outlook to send or receive any emails. This is the major reason why people everyone is eager to find effective solutions to troubleshoot the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error. As far as its causes are concerned, different factors can make your MS Outlook account run into the said error. A few of these factors include:

You are using Outlook to manage multiple email accounts

There are other third-party email management tools on your computer

You haven't updated MS Outlook to the latest version

Your PC contains Viruses or potential malware

You haven't cleared browser cookies in a while

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4 Best Ways to Fix the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] Error in MS Outlook
Now, that you know the reasons behind the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error, let's take a look at how to fix it.

1. Update Outlook
If you're running Outlook's desktop application, it'll be crucial to always keep it up-to-date. Why? Because the outdated version of the app often contains bugs and temporary errors. These bugs can cause different problems and damage the overall user experience. So, if you aren't using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, make sure to update it at the earliest. To do this, you can either go to Microsoft Store or visit the official Microsoft website on your browser.

2. Clear Cookies and Cache Files
Speaking of browser, you can also clear cookies and cache files from your web browser to fix the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error. This is one of the most effective solutions to fix different PII errors, especially if you use the web version of MS Outlook. Different web browsers have different methods to remove cookies and cache files. But, since Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser, here's a detailed step-by-step process to clear cookies in Google Chrome.

Step 1 - Launch Google Chrome on your computer. Click the "Menu" icon and go to "More Tools>Clear Browsing Data".

Step 2 - This will take you to the "Clear Data" dialog box. Now, select "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached Files and Images".

Step 3 - Finally, tap "Clear Data" to complete the process. Once you have cleared the browser cookies, restart Google Chrome and re-login to Outlook. This time you won't encounter the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error while sending emails.

3. Uninstall Microsoft Outlook
Sometimes improper installation can be the reason behind the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error. If that's the case, the only way to fix the problem would be to uninstall Outlook and again install it from scratch. You can easily uninstall Outlook by going to the Application Manager on your computer. After the uninstallation process completes, simply go to the official Microsoft and download the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

4. Contact Microsoft's Support
If you're still having zero luck with the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error, it would be better to contact Microsoft's official support team. Instead of trying random solutions, reaching out to the support team will give help you find the most effective solution to fix the error.

That concludes our guide on how to fix the [pii_email_356435afca3bf570afae] error in Microsoft Outlook. We hope the above-mentioned methods help you troubleshoot the said error. If you still encounter any errors with the Microsoft Outlook app, it would be better to switch to the web version of Outlook for a while. If there are any temporary errors will the app itself, switching to the web version will allow you to run MS Outlook without any interruptions. Here's some more PII errors which can be fixed using same methods [pii_email_407baca38286a507184b] [pii_email_5271fdf749e27ea21fc9] [pii_email_7d44696b9b5464c84cdd] phone number [pii_pn_fd23e87adc32d0ed542b] [pii_email_c050d42ce5ddb6520988] [pii_email_b17bdd619ba5dfc5fbdc] [pii_email_978cfd89f647fe6a8382] [pii_email_c8bf298f2ce1a5cc95c6] [pii_email_b354aaf30dd14fba6a62] [pii_email_b0865d7a6f1ab76668f2]