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In the past, any time you got a new dog, you would also have to buy all the items he needed including a food bowl, a bed, and a leash. These days, dogs have way more options when it comes to doggie equipment. These high-tech gadgets not only improve your dog’s life, but they can also make your life a lot easier. If you love to spoil your pup, here are a few of the best types of gadgets to keep him well-occupied and taken care of.

PetNet Smart Feeder
PetNet is an automatic food dispenser that takes a basic design to the next level. With this smart feeder, you can feed your dog every day according to a predetermined feeding schedule, but it will also assess your dog’s dietary requirements and create a custom feeding regimen just for him! This high-tech food dispenser can also tell you when your dog has eaten and when you need to buy more food. You can easily adjust the feed schedule on your computer or smartphone from anywhere in real-time. Plusa, it will help you track your dog’s calorie intake to ensure that he stays healthy. The PetNet Smart Feeder also comes with a food level sensor and status LEDs, plus it can be powered with a micro USB.

Smart Water Fountain
As long as we’re on the subject of nourishment, did you know they make smart water fountains for pets? These days a standard water bowl is considered pretty boring. Easily upgrade to a smart water fountain that not only can hold a lot of water, but is also super quiet and can dispense water in several different ways including flowing and bubbling. This is an ideal solution for a dog that prefers drinking from water that is running and moving.

GoPro Fetch
An innovative dog harness that is equipped with a GoPro camera, the GoPro Fetch is easy to mount onto your dog allowing you to get a glimpse of what the world looks like from his point of view. The harness features two different mounting locations with one found on the dog’s back and the other on his chest. This is a machine-washable product that is also completely adjustable, so it can fit a large, medium, or small breed dog. Besides being available in several sizes, you can also remove the chest mount of the GoPro Fetch to fit a smaller dog. Once it’s attached, sit back and watch some hilarious videos of your dog’s daily escapades.

Whistle Go Explore
This location and health tracker allows you to keep tabs on your dog’s daily activities, so you are always aware of his location and health. This is a waterproof tracker that features long-lasting batteries and real-time tracking. Plus, you get nationwide dog tracking that provides you with escape and location alerts that you can receive by text, email, or app notifications. m The Whistle Go Explore uses a mix of cellular, GPS, and Wi-Fi technology to provide you with the most precise tracking available so that you always know where your dog is. It also includes an app for your smartphone that allows you to set daily goals, track your pup’s sleep patterns, track his health progress, and also retrieve information indicating any changes to their health. Keep in mind though that the app service does require a monthly subscription.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor
Having a dog door can make some dog owners concerned about what other animals or people might be able to go through the door beside the family dog. The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor helps to alleviate those fears that its smart use design. When your dog wears the SmartKey on his collar, he can easily go through the door thanks to the door’s radio-frequency technology that will read the unique signal coming from the collar and unlock the door flap. Once your dog is outside, the door automatically locks back into place after it senses that your dog’s SmartKey is now out of range. This also allows you to keep your cat inside but allows your dog the freedom to go in and out. Plus, it will keep critters and other unwelcome guests outside as well.

Tikr Toy
The Tikr Toy is designed to engage your dog in play to keep him happy and active. To give him a little bit of encouragement, this toy provides treats during playtime. Easily fill the Tikr Toy with different-sized treats before your pup’s playtime. Powered using an analog timer. Your dog can play up to 45 minutes as the inner chamber rotates allowing the treats inside to fall out when the holes line up.

Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System
Potty training your dog can be tough, especially if you work a lot. The Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System will definitely make your life easier. This system integrates a treat dispenser with an absorbent training pad. When the pad detects moisture, it has a sensor system that will send a signal wirelessly to the treat dispenser to release a treat as positive reinforcement helping your carpet and floor to stay dry and clean.

Furbo Interactive Dog Camera
Many dog owners like to check in on their dog during the day and with the Furbo Interactive Dog Camera, you can easily keep an eye on him while you are at work. This is especially helpful if you have a dog that likes to get into trouble while you are gone. This camera is simple to operate and it allows you to have two-way communication with your pup using your smartphone. This technology also lets you play a game with your dog or throw him a treat while you’re away. This is a great interactive toy that will allow you both to feel less lonely during the day.

Dog Cooling Collar
If you have a dog that gets super-hot in the summer, buy him a dog cooling collar! This collar can keep him comfortable and cool during the dog days of summer. Featuring a scarf-like design, this collar needs to be moistened before you wrap it around your dog’s neck, but it has a design that will stay for a certain amount of time and help keep them cool in the heat.

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